Inle Professional Women Network

  • IPNet was born on October 2017.
  • Celebrating the 2018 International Women's Day.
  • Donation to support on the examination day of the monks of the Ywama Village.
  • Monthly Meetings to discuss future plans and activities.
  • Participation on the Opening Ceremony of the Tourist Information Counter of Nyaung Shwe.
  • Donation of Chairman of IPNet to build Patient Dormitory at Nampan Hospital.
  • Garbage collection at Ywama Village.
  • IFC participation during monthly meeting.
  • IPNet participation in the CSO Network meeting.
  • Organize Lecture Event w/participations of Teacher Jue & Lin Thike Nyunt in Nyaung Shwe.
  • Participation on the World Bicycle Day in Nyaung Shwe.
  • Participation of the donation ceremony of reforestation in Nyaung Shwe.
  • Meeting World Bank Group to share about IPNet activities.
  • Sponsor and Organizer of English Speaking class at Ywama Village.
  • Participate IFC World Bank Lecturer about Sexual Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace.
  • Participate on the reforastion event of Ministry of Forestry during rainy season.
  • Paying respect on the Martyr's Day.
  • Participate on Digital Marketing Training.
  • Participate on Training about Health, Happiness & Confidence life style for Professional Women.
  • Organizing & Sponsoring for the Sewing Training at Yay Tan.
  • Ms. Ann, Managing Director and Chairmen of IPNet.
  • Donation Ceremony at Samka Inn Village.
  • Donation Ceremony at Phayar Taung Monastery.
  • Participate on Discussion Event about Respectful Workplace sponsored by IFC World Bank Group.
  • Participate on Discuss Event for World Clean Up day event in Nyaung Shwe.
  • Meeting to discuss IPNet registration process and future training schedule.
  • Participate on World Clean Up Day in Nyaung Shwe.
  • Final Meeting to discuss about the registration of IPNet Organization.
  • Participate on Women Right Training sponsored by IFC World Bank Group.
  • Participate on Solid Waste Management Training sponsored by IFC World Bank Group.
  • Meeting w/IFC&DFID(department of International development)discuss about People's challages in Inle.
  • Discuss about future plan and participation at the Inntha National Day.
  • Donation for the Kahtein Tree Ceremony during the Inntha National Day.
  • Participate on Business Management Training sponsored by GIZ.
  • Participate on Women Health & Sex Education Training sponsored by IFC World Bank Group.
  • Participate on Panel Discussion of the White Ribbon Day (Domestic violence against women).
  • Participate on the assembly organized by Green Youth.
  • Support the Bamboo Delight Library&Summer School Project part of Hand to Hand Charity.


Our Managing Director Ms. Ann Tin Tin Ye is the chairman of Inle Professional Women Network ( IPNet ), driving and leading the women empowerment in Inle regional-

Aim for the development of all the women around Nyaung Shwe Township and Inle Region.

1. To support and empowerment the women in the region.
2. To participate actively in the regional development sectors and activities.
3. To work together with local and international organizations in order to grow the women presence.
4. To always communicate to team members and stand together for long term.
5. To constantly develop ourselves to have efficient participation in the regional expansion.

IPNet Message to all the women out there -
  • Be confident, believe yourself !
  • Keep dreaming, work hard and your dreams will come true.
  • Whatever you want or dream you can, just begin it ! Think positive and never doubt yourself.
  • Don't be afraid of challenges and this will make you rise and shine !
  • Give a hand to others, together we can do more.
  • Open your hear !


If you want to know more about Inle Professional Women Network activities, you can visit to social media on facebook under the name of " Inle Professional Women Network - IPNet."